Platte County Adult Diversion


The objective of the Platte County Adult Diversion program is to provide an alternative to court for eligible adult offenders charged with lower level offenses.  The program offers an agreed upon term of months of supervision in order to hold offenders accountable, using rehabilitative and educational programs in order to obtain eventual dismissal of the case.

Maria C. Alvarado - Adult Diversion Coordinator
Office: 402-563-4974
Fax: 402-563-4978
Address: 2610 14th St
Columbus, NE 68601
Office Hours
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 8:00-5:00
Wednesday: 8:00-5:00
Thursday: 8:00-5:00
Friday: 8:00-2:00

Location: Second floor of Platte County Courthouse just north of DMV.

Financial Assistance: No eligible adult will be denied service based on their inability to pay. Contact Diversion Coordinator for details regarding Financial Assistance.

Eligibility: The Platte County Adult Diversion Program is designed for adult offenders. Eligibility is restricted to persons referred by the County Attorney who have been charged with an ordinance, infraction, or misdemeanor offense.

Who might be eligible to participate in Diversion a second time?
Determination will be made by the County Attorney in conjunction with the Diversion Program Coordinator.

Levels of Diversion

Level  I - Traffic Offenses or Low Level Misdemeanor
Length of Diversion- 60 days
Intake Fee - $40
Program fees- $30 per month X 2 months= $60
(Does not include court costs or restitution)

Level II - Offenses other than traffic offenses
Length of Diversion - 120 days (can be extended up to one year)
Intake Fee - $40
Program fees - $30 per month X 4 months-$120 ($30 per month for any time thereafter)
(Does not include court costs or restitution)

Benefits of Diversion

  1. No appearance in criminal court.
  2. Detailed program service plan to assist with program goals.
  3. Community Service in lieu of court fines.
  4. Random drug and alcohol testing if deemed necessary.
  5. Restitution where applicable.
  6. Referral services for behavioral health and substance abuse as needed.

Cases NOT diverted:

  1. Stalking
  2. Domestic  Assault
  3. Sexual Assault
  4. Violation of Domestic Abuse Protection Order/Harassment protection order
  5. DUI
  6. No felonies
  7. Child Abuse with injury

Diversion Program Flow Chart