Transportation Program


Attention Honorably Discharged Platte County Veterans.

The Platte County Veteran Service Office is proud to announce that our Veteran Transportation Program is fully operational.  Any honorably discharged veteran who is enrolled in VA Healthcare can receive a free ride to his or her VA Appointments in Norfolk, Grand Island, Lincoln or Omaha. Reservations are on a first come first serve basis and can be made by contacting the Platte Count Veteran Service Office at 402-563-4914. In addition to that any veteran wanting to volunteer  his driving skills to the program can forward his contact info to the office for consideration. All volunteers are provided a $50.00 stipend per trip paid for by the County. 

Platte County Veteran Service Office's Veteran Van Program Fact Sheet

  1. Who is eligible to use this program?
    Any Honorably Discharged veteran who is a legal resident of Platte County is eligible.  Veterans must be traveling for care/treatment at Nebraska VA Hospitals and clinics. Veterans must be able to get in and out of the Van unassisted. Spouses may accompany the veteran to his or her VA appointment. 
  2. How much does it cost to use this vehicle?
    There is no cost to use this service as it is funded 100% with Platte County tax payer dollars. Our drivers are Veteran volunteers who are paid a $50.00 per day stipend by Platte County. 
  3. How do I schedule a ride on the Veterans Van?
    Contact the Platte County Veteran Service Office (402)563-4914. We request that you give the office at least 1 weeks' notice as we have to coordinate with our volunteers. Reservations for a seat on the veterans van is on a first come first served basis. If the van is not available on the date of your appointment the Veterans Office will work with you and the VA to reschedule your appointment for a day that the van is available. 
  4. Am I eligible to still receive my VA Travel Pay? (Veterans rated 30% or more/Veterans traveling for Compensation and Pension Exams/Veterans with extremely low income under the poverty level)
    No. VA travel pay is a benefit for veterans mentioned above who drive themselves to their appointments as they often incur costs such as fuel for their vehicles. 
  5. Do I have to use the Platte County Veterans Van Program?
    No. Veterans who chose to drive themselves or have friends and family that drive them are not required to use this program. The program is designed to assist veterans who can no longer drive themselves or do not have available resources/friends/family available to get to and from their VA appointments.

Thanks from the Platte County Veterans Office