About this Office


The primary responsibilities of the County Board of Supervisors are: the management of county funds; care for county property; adoption of the county budget; setting of tax levies and salaries of elected and appointed county officials; administration of several programs established by state law.

Here is some basic information regarding the Platte County Supervisors:

1) Where is the Platte County Board of Supervisors Office located?

The Platte County Board of Supervisors Room is located in the Platte County Courthouse first floor by the Treasurer's office, Columbus NE 68601. You can also contact the County Clerk office by phone at (402) 563-4904 by fax at (402) 564-4164.

2) How many Supervisors are on the Platte County Board?

Platte County has seven supervisors with each one representing a different district in the County.

3) How long does each Platte County Supervisors serve?

County Supervisors serve four-year terms. A Supervisor may serve as many terms as he/she wishes. The supervisors term are staggered - 4 Supervisors are elected in one election year and the other 3 Supervisors are then elected in the second year.

4) Are Platte County Supervisors elected or appointed?

A Supervisor must be a resident of the district they are elected to represent. If they should move away from their district during their term, they must resign their seat on the County Board. The Supervisors are also allowed a mileage expense of 54 cents per mile when conducting County business away from their home.

5) How often do the County Supervisors meet?

By law, the County Board is required to meet only once a year, to reorganize which is on the 1st Thursday after the 1st Tuesday in January. The Platte County Board chooses to conduct its meetings on the every other Tuesday. These meetings begin at 9:00 a.m.

6) Are the County Board meetings televised on the local access channel?

No, however the minutes of every meeting are published in two designated County newspapers and the county website -- for 2015, they are the Columbus Telegram and the Humphrey Democrat. 

7) Can the public attend County Board meetings?


8) How can I find out what is on the agenda for a supervisors meeting?

This WEB site has the meeting agenda and minutes of previous meetings