Online Forms 

Complete list of all downloadable applications, forms, and reports
From the Department of Motor Vehicles

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Driver and Vehicle Records

Affidavit and Request for Certificate of Title for Abandoned Vehicle/ATV/Minibike/Motorboat (FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT ONLY)
Affidavit for Self-Assembled Trailer

Affidavit for Storage and Non-Use

Affidavit for Transfer of Decedent's Vehicle/ATV/Minibike/Motorboat

Affidavit for Verification of Classic Assembled Motor Vehicle

Affidavit for Verification of Ownership of an ATV or Minibike

Affidavit for Verification/Transfer of Antique Motor Vehicle

Affidavit of Affixture for a Mobile Home with a Nebraska Certificate of Title

Affidavit of Detachment

Affidavit of Ownership by Repossession

Application for Copy of Driving Record

Application for Amateur Radio License Plate

Application for Assigned ID Number

Application for Boat Dealer Trailer License Plates

Application for Bonded Certificate of Title for a Vehicle

Application for Bonded Certification of Title for a Motorboat

Application for Certificate of Title

Application for Copy of Vehicle Record

Application for Credit

Application for Disabled American Veteran License Plate

Application for Duplicate Certificate of Title

Application for Ex-Prisoner of War License Plates

Application for Handicapped License Plates

Application for Handicapped Parking Permit

Application for Historical License Plates

Application for More Than One Vehicle Record

Application for Multiple Driving Records

Application for Pearl Harbor Survivor License Plates

Application for Purple Heart License Plates

Application for Refund

Application for Reissuance of Certificate of Title for a Classic Assembled Motor Vehicle

Application for Release of Digital Image/Signature (FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT ONLY)

Application for Release of Notice on Bonded Titl

Application for Self Insurance

Application for Snowmobile Registration and Decal

Application for Specialty Plates

Application for Transporter Plate

Application to Become a Qualified Car Club Representative

Application to Become a Recognized Car Club

Assigned ID Number Placement Instructions - HIN

Assigned ID Number Placement Instructions - VIN

Bill of Sale

Certificate of Title Surety Bond - Motorboat

Certificate of Title Surety Bond - Vehicle

Identity Theft Packet

Information for Inspection of Vehicles and Parts by a Qualified Car Club Representative

Inspection Exemption Certificate - DEALERS ONLY

Nebraska Insurance Reporting Guide

Notice of Owner-Retained Salvage

Odometer Disclosure Statement

Power of Attorney (General)

Purchaser's Affidavit - DEALERS ONLY

Qualified Car Club Representative Inspection Statement For Classic Assembled Motor Vehicles

Qualified Car Club Representative Listing

Recognized Car Club Listing

Request for Driver's License Number

Vehicle_Identification_Form for Out of State Inspections

Driver Licensing Services

AAA Sample Test
CDL Data Form

Class O Data Form

DOT Medical Examiner Report

English Drivers Manual

Motorcycle Manual

Out of State renewal data form

SCP/POP 50 Hour Certification


Social Security Verification Form

Statement of Physician

Under Age 18 Certification

Vision Statement

Voluntary Surrender Form



County Assessor

Personal Property Tax Return
Improvement Information Statement
Property Valuation Protests

Board of Equalization

 Property Valuation Protests

Election Commissioner

Voter Registrations English
Voter Registrations Spanish
Early (Absentee) Voting