Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have forms to complete to file for divorce?
Pro Se forms may be downloaded from website at:
or-you may wish to Contact the Legal Aid Society of Nebraska. Their toll free number is: 1-877-250-2016.

Requests for criminal record searches?
The Clerk of the District Court office does not conduct record searches. Our records are open to the public and we will direct you to the records available to be searched.

How far back do your records go for the purpose of genealogy research?
We have records here on site that date back to the 1800's. We will assist by directing you to the books and records available to research but any assistance will be as our time permits. Copies may be purchased for a nominal fee. Nebraska Historical Society has many records, contact them at: or 1-800-833-6747.

How do I find information about my child support, spousal support, or property settlement payments?
As of December 21, 2001 all payments of Child support are being paid through the Nebraska Child Support Payment Center. If there is a judgment for Spousal Support with the Child Support Order the Spousal Support will be paid there also. You can contact them at: 1-877-631-9973 or through their website:

If your Spousal Support Judgment was Not with a Child Support Order, it will be paid through this office. Property Settlement payments are also paid through this office. For payment information, you may contact our office at: (402) 563-4906.