Title Information


Items required for issuance of a Nebraska title:

NOTE: Some titles have an odometer statement on the reverse side and a separate statement is not necessary.

Out of State Title Inspection
Before a Nebraska Title can be issued on a vehicle with an out of state title, the vehicle and title must be inspected at the Platte County Sheriff's Office, to verify Vehicle Identification Numbers.

NOTE: There is a $10.00 inspection fee.

The Sheriff's Office is located in the:
2610 14th  Street
Columbus NE 68601
West side of the courthouse.


Does Nebraska require a Notary to Transfer Title?
No - not since July 16, 1994.

My title reads "or/and or" - Do both of us have to sign off the title?
Yes, Nebraska requires signatures of ALL owners to transfer ownership.

Do I need to change my title when I move from one county in Nebraska to another?
No - Nebraska titles are valid in any county in the state.

I have paid off my vehicle and the bank has sent me the title - do I need to do anything with the County Treasurer's office?
Yes - original title must be brought in (or mailed) to the County Treasurer's office for release. Title can be taken to any County Treasurer's office in the state. There is no fee for this release.

I have signed off a title on the wrong line - can I cross it out and sign on the correct line?
No - Erasures or alterations VOID Nebraska titles. A duplicate title will need to be issued.

Can I get a duplicate title from another County?
Yes-  A duplicate can be issued in any county as January 1, 2003.

What Vehicles need a Federal Odometer statement?
Vehicles that are 10 years old or newer.

My vehicle has an out-of-state title, does it need to be inspected in order for me to register it?
Yes - Any vehicles title out-of-state must be inspected before titling in Nebraska.

My vehicle is in another state and needs a vin inspection?
Click on this form to download the Nebraska State Patrol Motor and Vehicle identification certificate. 

What are they inspecting?
Only the vehicle identification number (VIN) will be checked to make sure it matches the VIN on the title. They are checking for stolen vehicles.

What is the fee for an inspection?

Is the vehicle inspection in the same building as the County Treasurer?
Yes - Sheriff's Office entrance is on 27th Avenue and 14th Street.

I have a lien on my out-of-state title - how can I register my vehicle?
Stop by the County Treasurer's office for a request form. We will need the name, address & phone number of the lien holder, plus your account & social security numbers, year, make and model of your vehicle. We will call the lien holder for the original title and security agreement. Upon receipt of title/security agreement. we will phone or send you a card telling you that the vehicle needs to be inspected, title will issued (original sent back to lien holder), licensing copy will be ready for you to obtain for licensing/plating your vehicle. There will be a $17.00 title/lien notation fee.

Can my lien holder fax a copy of my title to issue the new Nebraska title?
No - We need original documents to issue a new Nebraska title.

I am moving in from another state, what do I need to obtain Nebraska plates? (Resident)
We need the original out-of-state title, proof of insurance, registration from the state transferring and the vehicle inspection ticket.

Do I need a title for a ATV or minibike?
A Certificate of Title is required for all ATV's & Minibike’s sold new after January 1, 2004. ATV's & Minibike’s purchased prior to January 1, 2004, may be issued a Certificate of Title at the request of the owner with the presentation of the appropriate documentation to the County Treasurer's office.

Certificates of Title issued for ATV's or Minibikes are intended as proof of ownership only and will contain the statement, “Not to Be Registered For Road Use."

ATV's & Minibikes are off-road vehicles. They are not registered and are restricted to off-road use on private property.§60-301(17)

Can I pay for title and plates with my Visa or MasterCard?
Yes, a 2.5% charge will be assessed on the total for using their services on debit & credit cards.

Are the vehicle inspection, and Treasurer's offices open the same hours?