Jennifer Brown


Hours from: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday
The County Clerk is located on the first floor, east side of the Platte County Courthouse building on 26th Avenue, 14th Street in Columbus NE.


County Clerk's duties include recording all proceedings of the County Board and attending all Board meetings, including meetings of the County Board of Supervisors. The County Clerk must countersign all warrants issued by the Board, which have been signed by the chairman. Special duties, as required by law may also be necessary. The clerk is responsible for all the official bonds, county insurance, and the safety committee. Another duty includes keeping records pertaining to the layout, changes and improvements to roads. Each year before February 1st, the clerk reports to the Secretary of State the names of all county officials, their signatures, and their seals of office. The County Clerk may appoint a deputy for whose acts the clerk will be responsible.


Superintendent of School records were transferred to the County Clerk’s office on July 1, 2000. The school census records date from 1902 until 1999.