Permissive Exemptions


Who can qualify?

An organization which is the owner of real or tangible personal property, or licensed motor vehicles, and is seeking a property tax exemption may file for an exemption if:
1 The property is owned by and used exclusively for agricultural or horticultural societies; or,
2.The property is:
Owned by educational, religious, charitable or cemetery organizations;
Used exclusively for educational, religious, charitable or cemetery purposes;
Not owned or used for financial gain or profit to either the owner or user;
Not used for the sale of alcoholic beverages for more than 20 hours per week; and
Not owned or used by an organization which discriminates in membership or employment based on race, color or national origin.

When do we file?

You may file anytime in the month of December.

What do we need to bring?

Every four years you will need to bring in information such as name of organization, title of officers, directors, or partners and their addresses, and a detailed description of the use of the property. The other three years you will only need to sign the form.

What if we forget to sign?

An organization or society which fails to file an exemption application on or before December 31 may apply on or before June 30 to the County Assessor. The organization or society shall also file in writing a request with the County Board of Equalization for a waiver so that the County Assessor may consider the application for exemption. The County Board of Equalization shall grant the waiver upon a finding that good cause exists for the failure to make application on or before December 31. If a late filing is made, the Assessor shall assess a penalty of 10 percent of the tax that would have been due had the affidavit not been filed or one hundred dollars, which ever is less, for each calendar month or fraction thereof for which the filing of the affidavit missed the December deadline.